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Dear Lunar Eclipse folks,

My baby daughter -- seven weeks old today -- had a very nasty diaper rash which appeared impervious even to prescription ointments. My mother sent a jar of your product from Toronto, and after only three days of use, the rash is all but gone.

C. Dornan
Director. School of Journalism and Communication
Carleton University

This was the only thing that eased my son's delicate bottom when he was an infant.  ..... For any application, a little goes a very long way.  I also use the belly butter as a regular hand moisturizer


This is the BEST PRODUCT EVER!  I even use it on my horse.

Andrea McGowan

Hi Frank! 

Another diaper rash cream would be awesome! It's the only thing I've used on my babies bum, and I'm gifting my sister some for her new baby! 
Thanks for being awesome!

Maria Marquis
Sault Ste. Marie  ON

I used your Lunar Eclipse Belly Butter throughout my pregnancy and never developed a stretch mark. Since I had some left over, I now use it as a daily moisturizer for my baby daughter. It smells great and seems to help prevent her eczema from recurring. Thank you for an excellent product!
PS: We also use the diaper rash ointment daily--love it.

Pickering, ON, Canada

[ NB. BIG CITY CLINIC is delighted that the Belly Butter helped Anne's daughter's eczema - even if it wasn't necessarily designed to do that; nor do we make any claims that it would help any one else for the same ailment. Thanks! ]

Lunar LogoSun ONLY

To whom it may concern,
I’ve been using your product for my children for over 4 years and think it’s a fantastic product. The best actually....

...Thanks Frank. I actually ordered from your website and got it quick. Thank god. Let me tell you again this is the ONLY CREAM out there that works, it took 1 application to notice a big difference on my sons diaper rash.. Looking forward to trying some products for myself.

Liane Cecchetto
Program Assistant, School Health Promotion Team

Sudbury & District Health Unit

Hi there!

I need some nursing tea, quick! My baby has decided that she won't drink anything but a bit of water and my milk, and the only product that works for me is your tea....

...Please let me know where I can get it ASAP. I have one bag left!

Ellen MacPhee, B.Sc.HK, D.C.
Mom of 3 and a Family Chiropractor / Acupuncture Provider / Entrepreneur
Sound Chiropractic & Health Sciences Centres Inc.

Hi Sabina, 

Me and my husband were in your pre-natal class 4.5 years ago.... and I've been a big fan of your diaper cream ever since [our Midwife] Julie C... recommended it for my second baby who at 10 days old had a severe diaper rash following a round of antibiotics and stay at Sick Kids [Hospital] - it really is a miracle cream.

Many thanks, 
Louise Plunket (Toronto)

Lunar LogoSun ONLY


First of all I need to tell you how fantastic your diaper balm is.  Nothing, nothing, NOTHING would help my red headed son's constant red and bleeding rashes.  Until I started using Lunar Eclipse.  He never had a bad rash again; except the time the nursery school forgot to use it. :)
....I tried every single other cream in the drugstore, thinking the "natural one" would never be good enough for rashes this bad. I couldn't have been more wrong. 

Rebecca Coyne (London, ON)

My wife had been looking everywhere for an all natural product to apply on her very pregnant tummy.  On a recent visit to Vancouver, I ran across your fantastic Lunar Belly Butter in an Organic Grocery store on Commercial Drive.  My wife has fallen in love with it!  [She] said the process of working in the  Lunar Belly Butter and the aroma is very soothing and relaxing. I was wondering if it is available in Japan as I'd like to recommend it to friends over here.  Thanks for a terrific product!

Ryuta Yamamura
Nagano, Japan


I purchased your diaper rash ointment a few months ago before the birth of our baby boy....we now have used it all up and it is wonderful. It gets rid of diaper rash, baby acne, scraps, forehead dryness, we need more...

Michelle & Curtis Brown
NorthWest Territories


I used your diaper rash ointment with my older son and he never experienced a diaper rash so now that I have number two, it was never a question what ointment I would use. I am new to your Nursing Tea this time but I love it! The taste is great and I have found it has really helped reduce the amount of gas that my son experiences so he is not waking up as often crying and grunting. I have also noticed that he seems to be calmer when breastfeeding and will nurse longer when I have had a couple cups of the tea. I have used another Nursing tea but it has not been effective at all in reducing my son’s gas and frankly that’s what I needed! Thanks for such great products. I continue to recommend them to any new moms that I know!

Alberta, Canada

I don't usually review products ...but I feel compelled to let you know how much I love your Nursing Tea.  ... I love its sweetish licorice flavour and even more its ability to soothe my little guy's tummy.  It also works quite quickly to boost my milk supply, especially if I've been not drinking or sleeping enough.  I'm amazed at how well this product actually does what it says it will.  I recommend it to all my pregnant and breastfeeding friends.  Thank you!

Maria Babin
New Glasgow, NS


re: Lunar Eclipse Diaper Rash Ointment

Amazing cream - my son and I just love it ! Our Dad has renamed it "Moonbeam Cream", which attests to its "miracle" status in our house!!

Ruth Struntz,

Hi Frank

I was given your nursing tea as a gift when I had my first daughter. I thought it was so fantastic that I want to get it for a friend of mine who is really struggling through the first couple weeks of nursing with her little one. I was excited to see that you have a whole line of baby products. I’m really looking forward to trying the bath oil with my now,14 month old. Thanks.

Mississauga, Canada

Hi Frank,

I received my first jar of your diaper cream as a shower gift and have been using it ever since. We just love it. We have since also given out your cream as shower gifts and have been met with the similar raving response. Hence the order for 7 more jars!

Judy L.
Vancouver, BC

I love your lunar nursing tea - first tried it when our baby was two months old, gift from mother in law. It really helped to reduce Olivia's gas pains and it tastes great. I'll be giving the rest of your products a try now.

Susan Forest -
Richmond Hill, Can.

  I stumbled over your product at a Real Canadian Superstore location in the health foods section and I love it! My son's bottom has never looked better and the price is really affordable too.

Ottawa, Canada

To whom it may concern:

Hello, I have seen your products in ... Calgary Alberta, and just loved them.
I am a doula (labour Support) here in Calgary and would like to include your brochures...with the prenatal/postpartum packages that I give to my clients...

A Doula,
Calgary, Alberta


...Since birth, every time my daughter had the slightest rash I'd put the ointment on and by the next day it was totally healed, so I think the ointment is absolutely miraculous—it's unbelievable how well it works.

Laura Nienhuis
Toronto, Ont.

Dear Frank and Sabina

I wanted to write and tell you how much we love Lunar Eclipse Diaper Rash Cream. My 3 month old son suffered from terrible diaper rash for the first 2 months of his life.
Nothing seemed to help him, not even cortizone cream. I tried your cream out of desperation. It was magic and I have now got bottles of Lunar Eclipse all over my house. It is the only cream good enough for my baby. Truth is, I love it for my dry hands and lips as well.

Thank you so very much.

Nicole Goldstone,


i spent over a year, and lots of money, trying to get rid of a severe patch of eczema on my ring was awful, it itched so bad i was rubbing the skin right off then had to cover it with bandaids. nothing cleared up my eczema until i happened to see your diaper rash ointment in a local drug store and decided to try it and it worked! i love this ointment. it has cleared my eczema up enough that i can wear my ring again... i put the ointment on before bed every night now... this is a great product!

Nova Scotia

[ NB. BIG CITY CLINIC is delighted that the Diaper Rash Ointment has helped Jennifer's eczema even if it wasn't necessarily designed to do that; nor do we make any claims that it would help any one else for the same ailment.


My three-month-old daughter and I love your diaper rash ointment. We received a jar when she was born and use it all the time. It is incredible how well it works. We have been singing its praises to all of our friends.... It is refreshing to know that products like yours exist.

John Dent
Senior Research Associate
Osgoode Hall Law School
York University
Toronto, ON, Canada

...P.S. ...My husband used the diaper rash cream on a rash on his thigh and it cleared up overnight! We really do believe in your product....

Denise MacINNES
Calgary, Alberta


I'm a first time user of your diaper rash ointment and I'm now your biggest fan!
I can't believe how fast this product works and it's comforting to know that it's all natural. If only I had heard of your product sooner I could have spared my oldest daughter some grief!
Thank you for creating this wonderful product!

Sharon Chapman
Kitchener, Ontario

Hello, I'm a birth & postpartum doula, breastfeeding consultant and prenatal teacher. I hear wonderful things from my clients about your products, ... so I recommend your products often.

Lisa Caron -
Toronto, On. Canada

Dear Frank and Sabina...

I am so delighted with your cream I tell everyone (including store managers) how much I like it. I panic if they run out of stock! I am happy to support a small business with your production practices and philosphies.

Leslie Johnson,

My friend sent me the tea, the diaper ointment and the massage oil and we like all three products. Our baby is a little collicky so I drink the tea to help him with this, and I find he is more content when nursing. Thanks again...

Ottawa, Canada

I have used your diaper rash ointment on my children for 3 years now... I never use anything else. I found your product by luck at Hip Baby in Toronto ( I was desparate... nothing cleared my daughter's red bottom), and I now recommend it to anyone and everyone I know. I spoke to you a few years ago when Hip Baby closed. I was in a small panic that I wouldn't be able to find your infamous cream anywhere. That is when I found out that you were based out of Toronto and I really enjoyed our conversation. You told me to write my comments to you, and it has taken 2 years to do so. I have finally decided to write and tell you how fabulous your ointment is...we call it the "miracle cream" in our house. I now give to people as a "new baby gift", as it is the one thing that I find invaluable as a mother (for any skin irritation). ... A million thanks for creating such a fabulous Canadian product, something to be proud of!

Janet B.

...It's really moisturizing; I put it on my own hands too because being a mother of three your hands are in and out of water all day. If either of the kids has a rash I put it on and it usually goes by the next diaper change. It's really the best thing I've ever used on their bums.

Bonnie Felbruegge
Toronto, Ont.

...I love it; I use it all over her [my daughter's] body— even the rash under her chin.

Nora Grant
Toronto, Ont.

I discovered Lunar Eclipse baby diaper rash ointment at the Hip Baby store in Vancouver in 2001. I found it absolutely amazing. At the first sign of a rash I put the ointment on my baby and the rash disappeared in no time. When I returned to the store to buy more diaper rash ointment...I was offered their [HipBaby's] own brand of ointment. Well, their product just does not compare. Lunar Eclipse diaper rash ointment is ECONOMICAL (a small quantity will do the trick), it WORKS (the rash disappears completely in less than a day) and it is all natural. It's a great product.

Dany Lacombe -
Vancouver, Canada


...I love the fact that [your ointment] contains only natural ingredients. Chemical and petroleum based products are really something you have to be concerned about. When he [my son] was an infant we used it at every change, but now we use it whenever he gets a little red and the rash disappears within a day or two.

Helen Davies
Toronto, Ont.

> Hello,

....Your rash ointment has been a real life saver for use on my son's diaper area. Nothing seems to work as well; thanks for producing such a great product....

Karen Halquist
Ottawa, On.

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the reply. As I sit here sipping a mug of your tea, [Lunar Nursing Tea] I am pleased to receive your email. My son and I do wonderfully on the stuff . I have actually suggested it to a couple of my friends and showed it to my midwife since it has worked so well for us.

Ottawa, ON. Canada

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