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Lunar Eclipse is a line of effective, all natural products designed for Mother and Baby. These products were created through Big City Clinic by a midwife and practitioner of herbal therapies for her own children.

We use the finest quality ingredients and maintain the highest production standards and this attention to detail has paid off. We take great pride in the knowledge that our products are out in the world helping children and parents alike.

Why ‘ Lunar Eclipse ’ ?
Our first daughter was Born under a Lunar Eclipse and the Diaper Rash Ointment was first developed for her; that was 1993. She is now a Masters student in Performance Violin and Viola and also performs professionally.

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"I’ve been using your [diaper rash ointment] for my children for over 4 years
and think it’s a fantastic product. The best actually....
I ... ordered from your website and got it quick.
Thank god. Let me tell you again this is the ONLY CREAM out there
that works, it took 1 application to notice a big difference on my sons diaper rash...
Looking forward to trying some products for myself."

Liane Cecchetto - Program Assistant, School Health Promotion Team,
Sudbury & District Health Unit

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